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Did you know that there is an AIA constituency group called Young Architects Forum (YAF)?  If not, you’re not alone!  I am writing today to introduce myself and the YAF.  My name is Denise Thompson.  I am the current Young Architects Forum Regional Liaison representing Pennsylvania on an 18 member group comprised of Young Architects across the country.   My goal is to help better communicate at the national, state, and local level, the opportunities and resources available to young architects within the AIA.   The YAF’s goal is to address areas of interest to recently licensed architects through the avenues of leadership, mentorship, and fellowship.Denise Thompson

How do you know if you qualify to be a YAF member?  Are you an AIA member who has been a registered architect 10 years or less?  If you answered yes, then you qualify!

How do you become a YAF member?  All you have to do is update your AIA member profile at ams.aia.org/eweb...

Add YAF to “Your Knowledge Communities” and you are good to go!  This will provide you access to YAF newsletters and special announcements.

This time of year provides a great opportunity to update your profile as you go to renew your AIA membership!

Are you newly licensed?  I want to congratulate all Architects registered in 2009 and look forward to even more Registered Architects in PA this year.  We need more local components to congratulate those who have worked so hard to join the ranks of this distinguished profession.  I encourage all local leadership to create a newly licensed recognition program. It is in the local community in which Architects make the most impact.  Invite your community and your family to help spread the word that being a Registered Architect is important. Take the opportunity to educate your future clients as to why!

What kinds of resources are available for AIA components and Young Architects?  The AIA website link below provides access to countless documents, programs, and podcasts that have been developed with Young Architects in mind.  Please utilize these great opportunities to start a local YAF chapter, begin a mentorship program, or even start your own firm!  www.aia.org/professionals/groups/yaf...

Once you have started engaging your local community, how do you stay up to date about what is going on in Pennsylvania?  The way to do that is through the internet!  Since we are geographically spread apart, what better way to share our great stories and ideas than through social networking!  I encourage you all to join our YAF PA Linked-In page at www.linkedin.com/groups...

The goal of this site is to allow opportunities for Young Architects across the state to be able to communicate, educate, and inform each other about what is going on in their local chapters.  This social/professional networking site allows us to make all Young Architects across Pennsylvania feel a little closer together!

Also, I would like to encourage you to start discussions on the Linked-In page as to what you would like to see AIA Pennsylvania do to help promote Young Architects.

Should we have more competitions?  Young Architect Awards?  Mentorship databases?  What other young professional groups across the state do we want to collaborate with?  What programs could we provide?  The sky is the limit but we need your input!

I encourage and empower you all to get involved and get the most out of your AIA membership!

Are you or someone you know a Young Architect interested in becoming more involved?  We are looking for young architects in all 8 local components to coordinate YAF events at your local level, as well as the state level.  If you are interested, please contact me (215) 568-8250 ext. 214 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Denise E. Thompson, AIA, Regional Liaison