Projects Running Over Budget Reducing Profit and Delaying Completion? Ask a Business Advisor

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QUESTION: My projects tend to run over budget reducing my profit and delaying completion. How can I realize the profit I need and still deliver the product the client expects?

Scott Hursh, CPA, CCIFP, CDA – Managing Shareholder AE Industry Group, Stambaugh Ness

: There are two things that typically cause these over runs in Architecture firms: excessive meetings and drawing iterations. Often throughout the creative process, great ideas happen and they don’t stop after the planning phase is done. This will result in more meetings and iterations if not managed properly. It is imperative that the creative process be combined with the business process. Creating a planning process that is more robust and includes the client allows open discussion and buy-in to how the process will work and how out-of-scope services will be identified. The extra time spent in proper planning will reduce the length of the project, meetings held, and the number of iterations of drawings that happen before they are considered out-of-scope.

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