Create a More Efficient and Economical Building Envelope with Intertek

AIA Pennsylvania is excited to introduce our newest Allied Member,  Intertek!

Intertek knows architecture intimately. It’s no coincidence that in the building division of Intertek’s former life they were known as Architectural Testing Inc. (ATI). The research they have performed over the last several decades has been oriented towards creating a more efficient and economical building envelope.

The building and construction division of Intertek specializes in services for all of your building and construction assurance, testing, inspection, and certification needs. Their architectural expertise and service is concentrated in the four following functions of their day to day operations:

Acoustic/Fire/Product/Field Testing examines building materials performance against air/water/structural/thermal/fire and acoustical demands.  These services are performed both in-house as well as on construction sites.

Curtain Wall Mock-up simulates portions of the building envelope to decipher their performance against the elements.  Intertek has several mock-ups in their outdoor and indoor space which makes their facility look like a movie set!

Engineering Services performs analysis on fenestration elements to resist blast, wind, and various other loading.  Overall building design and structural engineering is an area of growth for this department.

Building Sciences provides waterproofing consulting, in addition to other services.

Learn more about Intertek’s Complete Building Solutions here and for more information, contact Jason Walus, P.E.

Direct   717-767-3977
Office   717-764-7700