The PLAN for 2018

Simply put, the plan is for architects to establish relationships with their legislators and feel comfortable contacting them when there is an issue facing the profession and built environment.

How can you help bring our PLAN to fruition?

  1. Sign up to be part of the PLAN here. You will get our email updates, calls to action, and important government affairs information and invites.
  2. Set up a meeting with your local Representative and Senator and introduce yourself. Find them here. This first meeting is to personally introduce yourself, who you are, and your individual contributions to society as an architect. Don’t worry about getting into the weeds on the AIA Pennsylvania issues.
  3. Attend Architects Action Day in April. When you meet with your legislator in Harrisburg, they will remember you from meeting them closer to home.
  4. Respond and participate in any action alerts that have been sent out.