Associate AIA Members Pursuing Licensure Honored for their Service to the Architecture Profession and their Communities

Harrisburg, PA – November 27, 2018

The Pennsylvania chapter of the American Institute of Architects Emerging Professionals Committee has announced the 2018 class of Paula Maynes ARE (Architect Registration Examination) Grant recipients. Since 2015, the grant has recognized outstanding architectural graduates pursuing licensure and their contributions to the architecture profession and their communities at large.

The traditional path to becoming a licensed architect in Pennsylvania is three-fold requiring education (Bachelor or Master of Architecture from a National Architectural Accrediting Board architecture program), 3,740 hours of experience (AXP – Architectural Experience Program), and a six-part examination (ARE – Architect Registration Examination). The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) reports that “on average, becoming an architect now takes 12 and a half years—from the time a student enrolls in school to the moment they receive a license.”

It is important to note that four of 2018’s ARE Grant Recipients are female. The American Institute of Architects is committed to broadening equity, diversity, and inclusion to create a stronger profession. NCARB’s By the Numbers 2018 Report reveals that as of 2017, one in three new architects are women. In 2017, women accounted for 35 percent of candidates completing the core requirements for licensure, and 42 percent of new ARE candidates.

The grant celebrates the late Paula Maynes, AIA, whose legacy of mentorship and service to the profession left an indelible impact on the AIA community. Paula graduated from Carnegie Mellon’s architecture program and worked for several architectural firms before starting Maynes Associates Architects. She served two terms on the AIA Pittsburgh Board of Directors and two terms on the AIA PA Board of Directors. Paula was the President of AIA Pittsburgh in 2008, Secretary of the AIA Pennsylvania Board in 2012, and chaired the Government Affairs committee in 2010 and 2011.

Due to the lingering impact of the recession on the architectural, design and construction fields, many emerging professionals in the architecture field are still underemployed and struggling to pay off school loans. One of the AIA Pennsylvania Emerging Professionals Committee’s (EPiC) tenants is to attract and retain Associate members all the while promoting their path to licensure with programs such as PALM. Financial assistance to pay for the ARE (Architect Registration Examination) is a large component of that initiative.

The following six AIA Pennsylvania Associate members (Associate AIA) will receive a $235 award, the cost of each division of the six part ARE 5.0 exam and a full Brightwood Architecture Education ARE Study Guide Library.

AIA Pennsylvania has established a 501c3 foundation (AIA Pennsylvania Foundation Ltd) to continue to award grants to aspiring architects following in the footsteps of Paula Maynes through their dedication to achieving licensure and towards positively impacting their profession and community. 

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