Legislative Victories For and By Pennsylvania’s Architects Create Better Commonwealth Communities

The view from the Pennsylvania State Capitol’s green glazed terra cotta tile roof overlooking AIA Pennsylvania headquarters in the distance. Photo courtesy of Scott Compton, AIA

Grassroots Victories for Pennsylvania Architects and Communities

The $34 billion dollar budget (HB 790) has passed and is in the hands of the Governor. Highlights include increased funding for education, school safety, and added funding for job creation. The legislative victories outlined below include AIA Pennsylvania-led initiatives that have been implemented into the Tax Code, School Code, and as stand-alone bills. The addition of a Historic Preservation Tax Credit Extension to HB 262 and the passage of SB 700, streamlining the PlanCon process for school construction, are a direct result of the grassroots advocacy of members during District Days, Architects Action Day, and  AIA Advocacy Center E-mail Action Alerts.

Historic Preservation | HB 262 now Act 13 of 2019

  • Signed in both the House and the Senate.
  • Extends Tax Credit sunset to February 1, 2031
  • Requires DCED to present a report & review the effectiveness of the state Historic Preservation Tax Credit.
  • Section 1707.1-H (pgs 51-55)

School Construction | SB 700 now Act 70 of 2019 & HB 1615

  • SB 700 now Act 70 of 2019
    • In the hands of the Governor.
    • Implements a new system reimbursement for School Construction Projects in the Commonwealth and includes provisions for sustainable and high-performance schools.
  • HB 1615
    • Signed in both the House and the Senate.
    • Extends the moratorium on school construction through the 2019-2020 school year until the requirements of SB 700 are implemented and regulations promulgated. (pg 5)

Design/Build & the Separations Act | HB 163

  • Currently in House Rules.
  • Amended in House Committee to remove additional delivery methods for public construction that would increase the scope for general contractors and construction managers at the expense of architects.
  • AIA Pennsylvania pursued this amendment. This bill now reflects a straight repeal of the Separations Act.