Adjusting to Continue to Advocate For Architects

A message from AIA Pennsylvania Executive Director, Stephen Swarney

As I write this, I as you, have a surreal feeling of where we are with our lives because of COVID-19.  For myself, this event has caused many challenges and worries ranging from school closings for my children to the safety of my family and our team members to concern for our larger AIA Pennsylvania family and your business and employees. I want you to know that we here at AIA Pennsylvania are here for you to try and help in any way we can.  We would like to provide you with resources or information or anything that is within our power.  I simply ask you to email and let us know what will be helpful.  I assure you I will present all the requests to our leadership for consideration.

Our team at AIA Pennsylvania started working remotely today and will continue to do so as we follow the advice and directives of the CDC and Governor Wolf. We have the capabilities to address emails, VMs and all of our files and resources remotely so you should not experience differences in requests or any customer service needs.  We are also holding daily staff conference calls and are in contact constantly throughout the day.  In addition, we are in contact with AIA National and other countrywide components as we gather best practices and advice to provide to you.

Right now and for the foreseeable few weeks, all things legislatively will be focused on the current crisis.  We remain flexible and adaptable to serve your needs and advocate on your behalf.

I have always said that AIA Pennsylvania is a big family.  I truly believe that.  I invite you to rely on and help each other during this time.  Please know that we are here for you even if you just need to talk to someone.  Whatever the outcome of this crisis I know that you all will play a significant role in returning everything to “normal” or creating a new and better normal because that’s what you do.  I am confident that we will all find ways to get through this and become better for it.


Stephen M. Swarney, J.D.
Executive Director, AIA Pennsylvania