Congratulations to Pennsylvania’s Newest Architects | June 2020

Join us in congratulating Pennsylvania’s newest architects! The following AIA Pennsylvania members have undergone an extensive process of education, experience, and examination to earn the title architect in 2020. Architectural licensing is exclusively granted when candidates demonstrate professional education, complete a rigorous program of practical experience under the supervision of a licensed architect and pass a comprehensive professional examination. The Pennsylvania State Architects Licensure Board is responsible for setting and upholding these regulatory standards to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Matthew A. Dawson, AIA
Anne M. Niedrach, AIA
Laura Casaccio, AIA
Robert D. Hallock, AIA
Eric Mueth, AIA
Stephen J. Pyrkosz, AIA
Andrew C. Pedron, AIA
Amy L. Brakefield, AIA
Ryan Cole, AIA
Cheryl W. Hu, AIA
Clarissa Kelsey, AIA
Parva M. Markiw, AIA
Michael Pfautz Jr., AIA
Kathryn Tichy, AIA

If you are an AIA Pennsylvania member who earned your license between January 2020 and June 2020 and are not recognized on this list, please contact Michelle McKenna at to be acknowledged.