ICC Call for Applications to New IECC Development Committees Open Through April 23

On March 4, 2021, the International Code Council (ICC) Board of Directors voted to change the process for developing the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Beginning this year, the IECC will no longer be developed using code development committees that the ICC uses to develop the other I-Codes. The ICC will instead employ its process for developing standards, called a consensus committee process. Two consensus standard development committees (commercial and residential) are being formed for the first time for the 2024 IECC.

While AIA strongly and vocally opposed this change, it is essential that the architectural profession and AIA’s imperative for climate action is represented in this new process. AIA National and AIA Pennsylvania are encouraging you to consider applying to these two new energy standard committees.


  • The ICC has opened its call for applications to the new residential and commercial energy standard committees that will develop the IECC. You can apply for one or both committees with the same application.
  • The application form is available here: https://www.iccsafe.org/products-and-services/energy-application/
  • The deadline for applications for the residential and commercial energy standard committees is Friday, April 23, 2021 at 11:59pm PDT.
  • NOTE: If you applied in 2020 to be a member of either the residential or commercial energy Code Development Committees, that application will not be put forward for consideration for these new standard committees. AIA encourages you to apply again here whether you were previously appointed or not.


  • Serving on these new standard committees will not be like serving on the Code Development Committees that the ICC has previously used to develop the IECC.
  • Committee members will serve for a period of approximately three years.
  • Applicants should be prepared to fully participate in the committee’s work including multiple meetings a month and responding to committee correspondence.
  • Most meetings will be held virtually, though in-person meetings will likely occur later in the three-year process.
  • The committees will work using a “continuous maintenance” standards development model and will produce the technical provisions of the IECC every three years.
  • For additional questions about potential committee service, please contact Mike Pfeiffer, ICC Senior Vice President of Technical Services, at mpfeiffer@iccsafe.org.


  • You will be asked for information regarding:
    • Interest category – Applicants should represent at least one of the nine identified interest groups – manufacturers, builders, standards promulgators/testing laboratories, users, utilities, consumers, public segments, government regulators and insurance.
      • Most architects would likely fall in the “user” interest group, but you may fall under other groups based on the work you do or on the organization that employs you.
      • Applicants to the “user” interest group will be required to demonstrate knowledge of and experience with the development, use, and application of energy code principles.
    • Voting status – principle or alternate (principal members do most of the voting; alternates vote only if the principal member cannot).
    • Entity represented – you (“Self”) or your company.
    • Will you be instructed on your vote?
    • Will you be delegated to make decisions real-time?
    • Who or what organization funds your participation?
  • Other materials or information you should provide:
    • You should provide a resume.
    • You should provide letters of recommendation. AIA can assist you in developing letters of recommendation if needed.
    • You should be prepared to agree to allow your work to be a “works made for hire” and relinquish any copyright claim.
    • You should acknowledge the scope, intent and principles of the code established by the ICC BOD and commit to work to achieve them.

If you have ANY questions, need a letter of recommendation, or just wish to chat: Please contact Paul Karrer (AIA National Sr. Manager of Building Codes Policy) at paulkarrer@aia.org or call (402) 968-1384.