Shriver Launches 9K Consulting

Ed Shriver, FAIA, a Founding Principal of Strada, retired from his role at the firm in December of 2020. He has launched a new chapter of his life and career with the advent of 9K Consulting, founded to help inventive, creative, and design-focused firms make and run their practices as creative studios and successful businesses.

MBA students are taught that one of the keys to business success is – wait for it – Design Thinking!

Design Thinking is defined as “the cognitive, creative and strategic elements, practices and processes by which design concepts are developed.” That’s the process that architects have been using since the early buildings of ancient Greece. We just haven’t applied it well in running our businesses.

Design and business are not mutually exclusive, but rather a variation of the creativity we have practiced our whole lives. The creative, team-building tools we use to designs homes and hospitals, stores and skyscrapers, are the same skills you need to fully optimize the value and profitability of your firm.

9K Consulting’s purpose is to help you develop those skills, systems, and knowledge so that you can be successful on the business side of your creative life. With your experience and our help, your firm can reach its full potential. We can help you to realize the value that your talent is due.