2022 AIA Pennsylvania President’s Inaugural Message

From the Desk of 2022 AIA Pennsylvania President, Adam J. Trott 

I have had the pleasure of serving AIA Pennsylvania since 2011.  In recent years, we have been working on many fronts including the consequences of COVID-19, extreme political polarization, school safety, climate change, supply chain and labor disruptions, social unrest, new leadership at National, and continued practice encroachment efforts.  We have accomplished much including getting three resolutions approved by the National AIA membership, getting seats at the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) strategy tables, strengthening relationships with state legislators, bonding with smaller communities, helping the state climate action plan, and improving the engagement of our members that are emerging professionals, minority and women.

I look forward to working with the talent we have in 2022, and will invite the reservoir of wisdom and insights we have with our Past Presidents and Fellows to address both external and internal opportunities in 2022.

Externally, COVID-19 and other events have opened up an explosive dialogue on the health and equity of our built environment challenging the architects’ historic role.  We will continue to evolve our COTE and our newer EDI and Housing and Community Development Committees.  We will grow our voice upstream in the policy making circles to inform decisions made ahead of the point where architects traditionally get involved and empower our members to engage the policy making structures in their local communities.

We must continue educating the public that we are the only professionals to holistically study and design communities and buildings that are healthy, sustainable and climate change resilient.

Internally, we will continue to improve the many programs that expand delivery of services to all members and promote diversity in both membership and leadership.

I aspire in 2022 to do my best to make your membership and service worth your effort, as well as enjoyable.