Calisti on the Pitfalls of Bad Home Design

Lee Calisti, AIA, of leeCALISTI architecture+design, AIA Pennsylvania Small Firm Exchange Chair, and Strategic Construction Advisor at Real Estate Bees is quoted in a recent article published by 21Oak “Experts say you should avoid these hallmarks of bad home design.”

Lee spoke to the importance of investing in quality infrastructure remarking, “The insulation, air sealing, and mechanical systems affect the home’s performance, comfort, and air quality. [Yet,] many homeowners invest heavily in countertops, fixtures, and flooring when they’ll likely change them in 10 years. Why do we ‘invest’ in bathrooms and kitchens but ‘spend’ on the infrastructure?”

He went on to share a bit of advice to homeowners looking to remodel, saying, “Budget well for the foundation, exterior materials, windows, doors, and roof shape.” These areas of the home need just as much attention as your home’s overall design.