Philadelphia Based COO Among BRR’s New Top Leaders

BRR Architecture is pleased to announce that Mariah Meyer, AIA, has been appointed as the new president & CEO of the 300-person architecture firm. An experienced architect and exceptional leader, Mariah succeeds James Hailey, AIA, who will remain with the firm as Co-Chairman of the board.

Mariah is the sixth president and first female to be named as president & CEO in the history of our firm, and she joins two additional colleagues in the C-Suite – Andrew Maass, AIA, and John Frank, AIA. Each appointment became effective January 1, 2022.

“One of my top focuses will be on our people. When I look forward, I see the importance of getting the right people in the right place with the right support and knowledge they need. That is what will really make us stronger as a firm,” Mariah said.

Andrew assumes the role of chief operating officer (COO), replacing Rich Majors, AIA, who joins James Hailey as Co-Chairman of the board. Andrew’s focus will be on the places our firm designs and creates. “I will evaluate the standards we have in place across the firm and elevate the consistency we bring for all clients,” Andrew shares. “I will also focus on how we promote our places externally to increase our reach across the country.”

Andrew marks his 18-year anniversary with BRR this year; he opened both the firm’s San Francisco and Philadelphia offices and leads numerous strategic planning initiatives. Based in Philadelphia, Maass will oversee firm-wide operations, including accounting, marketing and client delivery practices. He became principal in 2016. Andrew lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Chelsea and a son, Leo. Andrew also graduated from the KU School of Architecture and enjoys gardening, exploring the city and going to concerts.

Finally, John has become the firm’s first chief innovation officer (CIO). “Technology has always been a passion of mine and I enjoy keeping up with trends in the industry,” John said. “My goal is to focus on utilizing different technologies which will eventually allow us to devote even more time to designing great projects for our clients.”

The new leadership trio has more than 50 years of collective professional experience and will be responsible for the firm’s day-to-day operations and client service.

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