2021 AIA Pennsylvania Year in Review

AIA Pennsylvania is proud to share the 2021 Year in Review, Architectural Excellence Showcase, and Firm Directory publication. As its name suggests, the publication recaps 2021’s achievements, programs, and initiatives, celebrates the Architectural Excellence Design, COTE, and Special Awards recipients, and recognizes last year’s Architectural Excellence Design Awards finalists. The publication also features a directory of 492 architecture firms* based in Pennsylvania.

2021 AIA Pennsylvania President Jeffrey Pastva, AIA, recaps a “déjà vu” year of continued disruption that saw AIA Pennsylvania engage a broader base of citizen architects and policymakers to “virtually” set the table to strengthen the influence of the profession to effect change from the inside out.  AIA Pennsylvania’s Executive Director Stephen Swarney, JD, underscores the ongoing strides that volunteers, staff, and partners made in 2021 to expand the chapter’s reach and the recognition of the profession:

“Through our efforts, the phrase “Isn’t the AIA that insurance outfit?” has been replaced by statements such as ‘I didn’t know architects did that’, and ‘can your members help us with this.’ We have expanded our reach and increased our active committees to address housing, sustainability, legal and business issues, best practices, and equity, diversity and inclusivity.”

We would be remiss if we didn’t express gratitude to the nearly 3,000 members – licensed architects, emerging professionals, and AEC industry professionals – across the state that remained dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of clients and communities amidst continuing to adapt to the shifted realities of practicing and collaborating. In browsing this publication, we hope that you will take pride in the strides taken by your member peers and staff to move AIA Pennsylvania and the profession forward in 2021. We invite all to draw inspiration from the 50+ examples of great architecture featured in the publication.

*The firm profile information in the directory is pulled from AIA National’s membership database using these parameters: firm type must equal ‘Architecture Firm’ and the firm must have at least one active architect member. If your firm listing is inaccurate or missing, please contact memberservices@aia.org and copy aia_pennsylvania@aiapa.org.

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AIA Pennsylvania Annual 2021 Awards & Resource Guide