Advance Your Career – Volunteer! Applications Open for Pennsylvania’s NCARB Architect Licensing Advisor

AIA Pennsylvania is now accepting applications for the NCARB Architect Licensing Advisor (ALA) Position. The Architect Licensing Advisor is a volunteer committed to assist licensure candidates and architects as they navigate the path to licensure and reciprocity. He/she provides guidance by facilitating the flow of information from NCARB to the Emerging Professionals (EPiC) Committee and answering and fielding individual member inquiries on licensure. This is a great leadership role opportunity to assist fellow associate architects to navigate the licensing path.

The Architect Licensing Advisors Community is a group of volunteers committed to assisting licensure candidates and architects as they navigate the path to licensure and reciprocity. Architect licensing advisors provide guidance throughout the licensure process by facilitating the flow of information to architecture students, licensure candidates, and architects.  View NCARB’s Licensing Advisors Community Booklet to learn more about the role.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss the position with their current ALA, Kathryn Doyle, at, to fully understand the responsibilities prior to submitting an application.


  • Licensed or unlicensed candidate
  • AIA or Associate AIA member


  1. 2-year term with NCARB
    1. Must have an NCARB Account (This can be a free account or an active paid account) 
    2. Email address is posted on NCARB Licensing Advisor List
    3. Has access to ALA Online Community and Resources.
  2. Member of EPiC Committee
    1. Attendance at 12 Monthly Virtual Meetings
    2. Involvement with School Visit Initiatives
    3. Can attend AIA PA Quarterly Board Meeting (non-voting member)
  3. Provide support to licensure candidates
    1. Email responses
    2. Communication with other local AIA chapters throughout Pennsylvania
  4. Attendance at the Licensing Advisors Summit every other year
    1. Costs supported by AIA PA
  5. Maintenance of ALA AIA PA email address

Application Requirements

All candidates for shall provide the information listed below: 

  1. A letter of interest regarding the position. The letter should include a statement of philosophy expressing the candidates goals and objectives for serving in this role.
  2. A resume or biography summarizing candidate’s background, including education, professional history and service to the profession.
  3. Letter of recommendation from current employer. The letter should include acknowledgment and support of the expected time commitment while expressing the candidates strengths for this role.

Submission Deadline – 5pm on December 22, 2022. 

All complete information should be directed to: Parva Markiw at

The Nominating Committee will review candidates and provide final recommendation to the AIA PA Board of Directors for approval. The approval will take place at an AIA PA Board meeting.