Building On Our Legacy: A Call to Action for Pennsylvania’s Architects

From the Desk of 2023 AIA Pennsylvania President, Roger Williams

I am incredibly honored and humbled to represent architects across Pennsylvania. In the 38 years I have been in this industry – 13 of them with AIA Pennsylvania – I have met innumerable architects I am pleased to call mentors, colleagues, and friends. Practitioners of the generations before ours built a profession with a reputation of respect and expertise second to none; it is the obligation of today’s architects to not only sustain but expand this legacy, and to mentor the next generation of architects to have similar dedication to our craft and continue the established profession we leave to them.

The task of leaving a respected profession for future generations is not easy. The legacy previous generations built is in danger of crumbling under the weight of the increasing demands placed on practicing architects today coupled with the expansion of expertise required within our profession. We need increased awareness with the general public – and within the construction industry and legislative halls – that architects alone possess the unique ability to meet the challenges of design and construction leadership required to provide quality buildings that protect the health, safety, and welfare of our society; otherwise we may face further erosion of respect and compensation from others within our industry who believe they can deliver the same services more economically.

I look forward to working with the current and next generation of architects as we rise to not only meet but surmount the challenges facing our profession. I know we can not only restore our profession to be respected and relevant within our communities and the construction industry but can once again make architects a highly distinguished – and highly valued – profession. This moment is ours to seize, and together we’ll make 2023 a remarkable year for Architects and architecture.

Roger Williams, RA, AIA, NCARB
2023 AIA Pennsylvania President


Roger M. Williams is the Technical Manager for the Industrial Studio within Larson Design Group in Williamsport, where he leads staff within the Industrial Studio in the design and production of projects in the general commercial and industrial markets. He has over 35 years of experience in the profession and has worked with small, medium and large firms in northcentral and northeast Pennsylvania and has also practiced corporate healthcare architecture, serving as the Director – Architecture and Engineering for Geisinger until moving to LDG. He has been a registered architect since 1995 and is licensed in Pennsylvania as well as several other states.

Roger has been active in AIA at the local and state level for over 15 years, having served as President of the Northeast PA AIA chapter and as the NEPA AIA representative to AIA PA for six years. He is also active in his local community, where he has served on his local school board and the Bloomsburg HARB as well as local service organizations and AYSO.

Roger resides in Bloomsburg, PA, where he enjoys spending time with his wife Barbara, children, and grandchildren.