Anticipated Budget Appropriations to Better Pennsylvania’s Built Environment

With a pending signature from Governor Shapiro, the state budget brings promising appropriations for Pennsylvania’s architects, built environment, and communities. AIA Pennsylvania’s dedicated Government Affairs Committee, Task Forces, and staff tracked legislation and ongoing issues that showed potential to move during budget season.

We successfully advocated for crucial funding allocations, including $50 million for School Safety and Security Grants, $125 million for School Safety and Environmental Improvement Grants, and an additional $50 million for Whole Home Repairs.

Addressing architects’ liability, we’ve steadfastly advocated for Senate Bill 336, reducing the statute of repose to be commensurate with the rest of the country. At the executive level, our Committee on the Environment (COTE) engaged with the state’s GreenGov Council to advance sustainability talks and initiatives.

Our School Construction Task Force was actively involved in the conversations addressing the dire state of our public school buildings, providing impactful testimonies to the Senate Education Committee, speaking at a press conference, and hosting a productive House Education Committee Lunch & Learn session. While we advocated for PlanCon 2.0 as the preferred mechanism for investment in Pennsylvania’s school facilities, we have yet to see a budget line item that funds the program.

In the realm of housing and community development, we advocated for Whole Home Repairs and the increase of PHARE funding through SB 532 & HB 1316. Our commitment to disaster assistance remains steadfast, and we continue to stand ready to provide expertise in response and recovery efforts.

Questions? Contact AIA Pennsylvania’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Amal Mahrouki at