The Advance2000 AEC Project Cloud provides your users the ability to collaborate in real-time, with any device, from any location, while protecting your intellectual property. The AEC Project Cloud enables on time, on budget, project delivery.


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms face more difficulties on project delivery due to: tighter margins, shorter deadlines and complex technology.


The Advance2000 Cloud for Business provides quicker project delivery, fast secure access to your applications and data. Teams can work as one from anywhere and with anyone using any device. Seamlessly work with consultants, subcontractors and clients as if they reside in your facility without exposing your data. A risk free solution that protects your data and intellectual property, greatly reduces your capital spending on IT and accelerates your performance for greater profitability. The Advance2000 Cloud runs hundreds of firms and tens of thousands of desktops and telephony devices providing better value for our clients.


  • Real-Time secure project collaboration from multi-locations
  • Faster project delivery
  • Work on projects and files from anywhere on any device


  • The leader in high performance VDI and vGPU computing
  • Expert staff from the industry ready to help 24x7x365 with a 100% uptime guarantee
  • Pioneers of the AEC Collaborative Workspace

Architecture Engineering Construction

The Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub

Our Collaboration Hub is a specialized cloud service that allows independent organizations to work together. The Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub is a network of BIM Clouds that allows every firm on the building design team to collaborate in real-time, as if they were sitting in the same physical office.

It allows thousands of users to collaborate on projects, bringing AEC firms, consultants, subcontractors and clients together to work on projects in real-time. Independent firms can work collectively as if they were all under the same roof and on the same network. The Collaboration Hub is unique as it connects these independent organizations without exposing their private data and intellectual property. Our support teams are subject matter experts in IT and in BIM.

Penn Medicine’s newest medical facility will be delivered by the PennFIRST Building Design Team utilizing Advance2000’s collaborative Project Cloud Technology.

A rendering of Norman Foster’s Penn Patient Pavilion, standing behind Penn’s Museum of Archeology. Renderings by Foster + Partners

Penn Medicine’s new Patient Pavilion will be delivered through an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process. IPD is a highly collaborative project process that produces better buildings and reduces waste throughout the design and construction phases. Collaboration is difficult to achieve and essential to IPD project success. A borderless collaborative way to work
promotes productivity and innovation. IPD projects need a way to facilitate work sharing between multiple firms to enhance communication and collaboration for the project.
IPD requires teams to work differently. For an IPD project to be successful, the Building Design Teams cannot work in isolation any longer. Teams that do not work together will not succeed. IPD requires teams work together with open communications.

But, how does a multi-firm IPD project team successfully work together?
Advance2000 helps firms share information, innovate and promote the use of BIM and IPD. Advance2000’s Project Cloud creates a “Virtual Co-location” that allows real time collaboration between multiple firms. Advance2000’s Project Cloud solution is the engine that drives project collaboration and efficiency.


  • Collaborating over a WAN
  • Reducing Capital Expenses
  • Enhancing Productivity
  • Increasing Availability of Data
  • Providing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Administrating Enterprise-Level Security
  • Implementing Green Computing