Every year, the AIA Pennsylvania Architecture Firm of the Year Award recognizes one firm whose passion and practice has produced notable architecture for at least a decade.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominations open to firms with at least one AIA Pennsylvania principal owner that has been in operation for ten (10) years. While serving on the AIA Pennsylvania Board of Directors, board members and their firms are ineligible to be nominated for this award. Current AIA Pennsylvania Board Members respective firms are ineligible.

NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS: Nominations may be made by the AIA Pennsylvania Board, an AIA Pennsylvania local chapter, or by a group of five (5) AIA Pennsylvania members.


  • WRT (2021)
  • Ballinger (2020)
  • ISA (2019)
  • MGA Partners (2018)
  • DIGSAU (2017)
  • Erdy McHenry (2016)
  • Kieran Timberlake (2015)
  • BCJ Architects (2014)
  • Spillman Farmer Architects (2013)

The 50 Year Timeless Architecture Award recognizes a building that has endured the test of time and still resonates with the design community and the public.

ELIGIBILITY: The nominated building must be at least fifty (50) years old established from the date of completion to the date of the submission deadline; be located in Pennsylvania, and an architectural firm attributed with the design, must have been a Pennsylvania firm at the time of construction completion.


  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art and Parkway Campus (2021)
  • The George Nakashima Studio & Grounds (2020)
  • Philadelphia Savings Fund Society (PSFS) Building (2019)
  • The Alcoa Building and Mellon Square Park (2018)
  • Fallingwater (2017)
  • Richards Medical Research Laboratories (2016)
  • Vanna Venturi House (2015)

The Medal of Distinction is the highest award bestowed by AIA Pennsylvania upon a living AIA Pennsylvania member. The recipient shall have made contributions to architecture that transcend local boundaries and have been of benefit to the profession and citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominations open to AIA Pennsylvania members only. Current AIA Pennsylvania Board Members are ineligible.

NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS: Nominations may be made by the AIA Pennsylvania Board, an AIA Pennsylvania local chapter, or by a group of five (5) AIA Pennsylvania members


  • Stephen Kieran, FAIA & James Timberlake, FAIA (2021)
  • Emanuel Kelly, FAIA (2020)
  • Sylvester Damianos, FAIA (2019)
  • Richard DeYoung, FAIA (2018)
  • Donald K. Carter, FAIA (2017)
  • Denise Scott Brown, Hon. FAIA (2016)
  • Vivian Loftness, FAIA (2015)
  • William J. Bates, AIA (2014)
  • Charles E. Dagit, Jr. FAIA (2012)
  • Raymond L. Gindroz, FAIA (2011)
  • John D. Milner, FAIA (2010)
  • Mary Werner DeNadai, FAIA (2010)
  • Peter Q. Bohlin, FAIA (2008)
  • Vincent G. Kling, FAIA (1994)
  • Robert Dale Lynch, AIA (1991)
  • Robert Venturi, FAIA (1990)
  • G. Holmes Perkins, FAIA (1989)
  • David N. Lewis, FAIA (1988)
  • Ehrman B. Mitchell, FAIA (1987)

The Government Award is given in recognition of significant contributions to, or particular support of, the profession and business of Architecture and/or the built environment. 

ELIGIBILITY: Nominations open to an individual or specified group working in state or local government, such as a legislator, state or township official, etc.

Past Recipients

  • David Althoff & Jessica Shirley | Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (2021)
  • Larry Newman, AICP | Diamond City Partnership (2021)
  • Citizen Architects (2020)
    • Richard Castner, AIA
    • Frank Dittenhafer, FAIA
    • Steve Krug, AIA
    • Marc Mondor, AIA
    • Randy Galiotto, AIA
    • Matthew Luttrell, AIA
    • Esten Rusten, AIA
    • William Bates, FAIA
    • John Hill, AIA
    • Philip Leinbach, AIA
    • Mary McClenaghan, AIA
    • Aram Piligian, AIA
    • Jerry Roller, AIA
    • Charles Coltharp, AIA
    • Maureen Guttman, AIA
    • Joseph Lavalle, AIA
    • Michael Thompson, AIA
    • Michael Kelly, AIA
    • Dennis Astorino, AIA
    • Greg Woodring, AIA
  • Don Kibler, New Cumberland Borough Councilman (2019)
  • Senator Timothy Kearney, AIA (2019 – Government Citation)
  • The PA Public School Building Construction and Reconstruction Advisory Committee, PlanCon Advisory Committee (2018)
  • Gregory L. Heller, Executive Director, Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (2017)
  • Mayor Bill Peduto, Pittsburgh (2016)
  • Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Philadelphia (2015)
  • Alan Greenberger, FAIA (2014)
  • Senator Jay Costa (2013)
  • Representative Mike Turzai (2012)
  • Senator John Rafferty (2011)
  • Representative Matthew Smith (2011)
  • Representative Robert L. Freeman (2010)
  • Mayor Stephen Reed, Harrisburg (2007)
  • Secretary Jim Creedon (2006)
  • Bonnie Mark (2006)

The Impact Designer Award recognizes a wide range of design disciplines held together by a common goal to design and create a better world through innovative, scalable and measurable solutions. Impact design is rooted in the core belief that design can be used to create positive social, environmental, and economic change, and focuses on actively measuring impact to inform and direct the design process.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominations are open to any AIA Pennsylvania member, a firm with at least one AIA Pennsylvania member principal owner, or allied organizations with employees ineligible for AIA Pennsylvania membership. Current AIA Pennsylvania Board Members and their respective firms are ineligible.


  • Erica Cochran Hameen, PhD, Assoc. AIA, NOMA, LEED AP (2021)
  • Chris Dawson, AIA of Chris Dawson Architect (2020)
  • Timothy McDonald, RA, LEED AP, CPHC, CPHD, President & CEO, Onion Flats (2019)
  • Urban Design Build Studio, UDBS (2018)
  • The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (2017)
  • Community Design Collaborative & Beth Miller, Executive Director (2016)

The Emerging Professional Award seeks to recognize the exceptional achievements and future promise of a licensed architect and to promote their continuing development. The applicant’s contribution to the profession can be through one or more of the following: design excellence, leadership in practice, leadership in education, or service to the profession or society.

ELIGIBILITY: The nominee must be a registered architect member of AIA Pennsylvania in their first ten (10) years of licensure as of the date of the submission deadline.

NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS: A formal letter of recommendation should be endorsed by the primary nominator (AIA PA member) or another AIA PA member.


  • Beatrice (Bea) Spolidoro, AIA, WELL AP (2021)
  • Monica Blasko, AIA (2020)
  • Lawrence Fabbroni, AIA (2019)
  • Seth Wentz, AIA (2018)
  • Christian Jordan, AIA (2017)
  • Jeff Pastva, AIA (2016)
  • Soha St. Juste, AIA Jacobs (2015)
  • Jo Hohenwarter, AIA, Joshua Otto, AIA and Sean Sheffler, AIA (2014)
  • Denise E. Thompson, AIA (2013)

The Associate Award recognizes an AIA Pennsylvania Associate who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, creativity, and significant contributions to their communities, the architecture profession, and the AIA.

ELIGIBILITY: The nominee must be an AIA Pennsylvania Associate member who graduated within the last ten (10) years but is not yet licensed to practice architecture as of the nomination deadline. NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS: A formal letter of recommendation should be endorsed by the primary nominator (AIA PA member) or another AIA PA member.

Please note all recipients were Associate AIA (unlicensed) at the time of honor and may be presently licensed.


  • Nickie Cheung, Assoc. AIA (2020)
  • Patrick Ness, Associate AIA (2019)
  • Rachel Haynes, Associate AIA (2018)
  • Joe Adiutori Jr., Associate AIA (2017)
  • Raymond Bowman, Associate AIA (2016)
  • Troy Hannigan, Associate AIA Community Ventures (2015)
  • Jared McKnight, Associate AIA Wallace Roberts & Todd (2015)
  • Erike De Veyra, Associate AIA (2014)

The Allied Trades Award, renamed in 2019 in honor of Raymond J. Sinagra’s collaborative, whatever-it-takes spirit and dedication to the AEC community, is presented for contributions to the built environment by a contractor, developer, civil engineer, or other allied professional. The award honors those professionals who bring architects’ work into reality and who uphold the tenets of design, sustainability, and collaboration.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominations open to non-member professionals and firms/companies/organizations, or AIA PA allied members/preferred partners.


  • Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center (2021)
  • Tim Esler of Fenner & Esler (2020)
  • Michael Klinepeter, Executive Vice President of Pyramid Construction Services & Board Member ACE Mentor Program of Central Pennsylvania (2019)
  • CALDWELL HECKLES & EGAN, INC. & Peter C. Egan (2018)
  • TONO Group & D. Hunter Johnson, AIA (2017)
  • TAKTL (2016)
  • Mascaro Construction (2015)
  • Langan Engineering & Environmental Services (2014)

The Contribution to the Profession by a Non-Architect Award honors individuals, corporations, associations, or other groups who do not practice architecture. Recipients will be cited for their direct contributions to the profession such as a building program, a public works project, publications, theoretical or applied research in zoning, urban design, interiors, planning, energy conservation, preservation, restoration transportation, industrial design, artistic endeavors, or other significant disciplines that have had a strong influence on the field of architecture.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominations open to non-member professionals and firms/companies/organizations.


  • Micah Gursky | Tamaqua Area Community Partnership (2021)
  • Arthur Ziegler of the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation (2020)
  • Rebecca L. Flora, AICP, LEED AP BD+C, LEED AP ND, Founder and Owner of ReMake Group (2019)
  • Green Building United (2018)
  • Bradley R. Jones, President and CEO Harristown Enterprises Inc. (2017)
  • Philadelphia Water Department (2016)
  • Gary Saulson, Corporate Real Estate PNC Bank Corp. (2015)
  • Anthony Potter, Esq. (2014)
  • David Leatherbarrow (2011)
  • John Andrew Gallery, The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia (2010)
  • Roger W. Moss, The Anthenaeum of Philadelphia (2007)
  • Dr. Graham Spanier, The Pennsylvania State University (2006)
  • Gunther O. Carrle, Esq., Powell Trachtman Logan Carrle & Lombardo (2006)
  • The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (2006)
  • Chris Satullo, The Philadelphia Inquirer (2005)
  • Paul R. Levy, Executive Director of the Center City District in Philadelphia (1996)
  • Thomas Hagen, Erie (1993)
  • Thomas Hine, Philadelphia Inquirer (1992)
  • The Anthennaeum of Philadelphia (1990)
  • Hobart G. Cawood (1989)
  • George E. Thomas (1988)
  • Pittsburgh Architects Workshop (1986)
  • Architecture Career Explorer Post #920 from Pittsburgh (1985)