Clarification to all DGS’ Design Professionals regarding the suspension to cease all design activity.

  • Design that can be performed remotely (teleworking) may continue so long as it is coordinated/confirmed with DGS’ Design Project Manager. Authorization may not come from the Client Agency, only from DGS’ DPM.
  • Design that needs site visits or travel to an office or third party action (subs or consultants traveling to site or office, haz mat surveys, permitting etc) may not proceed.
  • A design firm may get an exemption from DCED, but that exemption does not override DGS’ directives  (do and don’t listed here).
  • Design administration on any project that is in construction, regardless of the nature of the work or ability to telework is not permitted.  DGS will not pay any monthly invoices for construction admin of any type.
  • Design firms are encouraged to take this time to review and submit invoices to bring their payments up to date.
  • DGS will not be approving amendments to any contracts nor will we be processing any amendments that are not fully executed.
  • Dork orders that would could be performed 100% remotely by all involved (no site visits or travel to office) may be submitted and the DPM will review and may approve.
  • Selections are on hold.

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