The 2017 Paula Maynes AIA Pennsylvania ARE Grant


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The AIA Pennsylvania Associates Committee has identified a need to provide assistance to Associates throughout the Commonwealth, who are taking the Architect Registration Examinations (AREs). Due to the lingering impacts of the recession on the architectural, design and construction fields, many emerging professionals are still underemployed and struggling to pay off school loans. The AIA PA Associates Committee believes it is essential for the future success of our profession to retain as many young professionals and Associates as possible and aims to facilitate their path to licensure. An important component of our commitment to emerging professionals is our initiative to provide more financial assistance to pay for the AREs.




This grant is dedicated to the remembrance of Paula Maynes, AIA.  She was an ardent supporter of the creation of this grant, and she inspired us with a legacy of mentorship, service to the profession, a stellar work ethic and a unique calm, collaborative nature.  These qualities that embodied Paula are what we seek to develop in ARE candidates in Pennsylvania.  We aspire to become more like her, with a healthy work-life balance.

Paula graduated from CMU’s Architecture Program and worked for several architectural firms before starting Maynes Associates Architects for the past 20-plus years.  She served two terms on the AIA Pittsburgh Board of Directors and two terms on the AIA PA Board of Directors. She was the President of AIA Pittsburgh in 2008, Secretary of the AIA Pennsylvania Board in 2012, and she chaired the Government Affairs committee in 2010 and 2011.  Paula mentored new graduates and volunteered as a panel judge at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture.  This award aims to recognize aspiring architects in Pennsylvania, who follow her footsteps through their dedication to achieving licensure and towards positively impacting their profession and community.


  • A $210 award, the cost of each division of the 7 part ARE exam, will be given to 7 eligible candidates in the form of reimbursement upon receipt of passing an ARE division.

Brightwood Architecture Education

  • In accordance with our Brightwood Architecture Education partnership, each grant recipient will receive a full Brightwood Architecture Education (formerly Kaplan) ARE Study Guide Library. These libraries should be returned to AIA Pennsylvania upon completion of the ARE’s to be donated to other components or architectural graduates in need.


In order to be eligible for the Paula Maynes ARE Scholarship, interested applicants must be (1) an AIA Pennsylvania Associate Member (2) a NCARB record holder in good standing


Applications will be reviewed by the AIA Pennsylvania Emerging Professionals Committee, and winners will be presented to the AIA Pennsylvania Board of Directors for approval.* Applicants should demonstrate one or more of the following:

  1. Significant contributions to the profession and/or community
  2. A passion for Architecture and the pursuit of registration
  3. A financial need

*Grant recipients are approved by the AIA Pennsylvania Board of Directors. All results are final.


The submission deadline is 5PM on August 31, 2017.  Please submit your application via this form. Winners will be announced in September of 2017.

Completed scholarship applications must include the following 6:

  1. Paula Maynes AIA Pennsylvania ARE Grant Application Form
  2. Statement of contribution to the profession (limited to 1 page, 500 words)
  3. One professional biography and/or résumé (limited to 2 pages)
  4. One recommendation letter 

*Applicants must provide a signed recommendation letter from an IDP Mentor or Supervisor, an AIA member in good standing, or an AIA Component Executive. This recommendation letter is limited to one page and must be collected by the applicant and supplied with the additional supporting materials.

  1. Proof of eligibility to sit for the ARE, and/or receipts of passing divisions of the ARE within the 2015-2016 calendar year.

*This includes your (1) Authorization to Test Expiration Date and (2) your NCARB IDP number

  1. Proof of Pennsylvania AIA membership by providing your AIA member number and local chapter affiliation.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Amal Mahrouki, AIA Pennsylvania Director of Legislative or  717-236-4055