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Small Firm Forum | The “One Thing”: Part 2 – The Firm

October 17, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

AIA SFxPA 2nd-on-2nd Small Firm Forum | October 2023

The “One Thing” | Part 2 – The Firm

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Architecture is an industry dominated by small businesses: an estimated 60% of all AIA member-owned firms have less than five employees. 27% of firms are run by a single individual!

The AIA Pennsylvania Small Firm Exchange’s (SFxPA)  2nd-on-2nd Small Firm Forums aim to give small firm leaders – seasoned, aspiring, and everything-in-between-or-beyond – the platform to share and learn from the triumphs and setbacks of our archi-preneurial community.

For the 2-part small firm forum series, “The One Thing”, the exchange aims to crowdsource the collective knowledge of participants to reflect on and share their “one thing” – that gold nugget of insight into running a small firm that has been transformational to your practice or your life!

We ask ourselves and our larger AIA SFxPA community, “what one thing would you pass along to a younger you, to help expedite the learning curve in running a small architecture firm?” If you haven’t hit a place in your practice to offer “one thing” – what “one thing” would you ask for perspective on?

This workshop forum is divided into two parts. Part 1, held in August, aimed to offer guidance for the individual, the aspiring, “green”, or seasoned archi-preneur, while part 2, reserved for October, is intended to offer guidance and insights into operating the small architecture firm.


  • Identify the operational and business investments that have contributed to other firm’s success including what has or has not panned out in practice.
  • Discuss the guiding frameworks that other firms have employed to set up or reset their business, marketing, or operating standards.
  • Recognize and apply business practices and habits contributing to operating a firm more efficiently.
  • Identify professional dead ends that could undermine the growth of your firm.

1 AIA LU credit pending

The exchange welcomes the input and participation of all members regardless of firm size, especially those versed or interested in the forum topic and/or any former small firm leaders that have started small and grown their practices beyond the standard small firm size (staff of 1-9) and have insights to share with younger or smaller firms looking to evolve or streamline their practices. 


October 17, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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