About the Series

ego VS empathy: How the stories you tell are making you a commodity is the second session in the AIA Pennsylvania Small Firm Exchange (SFxPA) volume 1 of the small firm seminar series with topics that span the business, art, and science that is the everyday reality of practice for the small firm “archipreneur” balancing it all. Attendees will walk away with tangible resources and insights to optimize their workflows and inspire their practices courtesy of experienced practitioners who have their pulse on the challenges and opportunities of smaller firms.

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About the Session

In a time where public health concerns, political unrest, and racial strife are suddenly top of mind and the most robust economy in history has come to a crashing stop, many architects are concerned about less work being available and more competition for that work.

How will you reach the clients that have the work and set yourself apart from your competition?

The answer to that question lies somewhere between ego and empathy because the words you use and the stories you tell will make or break your ability to not only survive the COVID-19 recession but to capitalize on the greatest opportunity architects have faced in a generation.

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After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply elements of neuroscience to effective communication with prospective clients.
  2. Explain how recent economic and societal changes will impact the future of the architectural profession.
  3. Examine their and their client’s ‘new normal’ condition and look for new opportunities.
  4. Employ a new mindset structure for communicating the value of their services rather than commoditized offerings.

About the Presenter

Jeff Echols is on a mission to change the way you do business by helping you communicate Empathy (not ego) so clients and employees see Value (not commodity). He’s the President and Chief Strategy Officer of echoEngagement, the Director of Brand Strategy at EntreArchitect, and the Host of the Build Your Brand podcast. Jeff works with architecture and engineering firms on branding, communication, leadership, marketing, and business development strategies based on more than 20 years of experience working in, starting, and managing architecture firms.


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