PALM | Promoting Advocacy and Licensure Through Mentorship

The goal of AIA Pennsylvania’s PALM (Promoting Advocacy and Licensure through Mentorship) program is to bring a quality mentoring program to individuals in Pennsylvania that may not have had such an opportunity in the past. The purpose of the PALM program is to create a dialogue between registered architects, aspiring architects, and architecture students regarding advocacy, career experiences, goals, and thoughts on the past and future of the profession. This is a unique opportunity for architects and architectural students from all over Pennsylvania to share a similar unifying experience. This program is intended to engage members at all levels of professional development and encourage the mission of AIA Pennsylvania by preaching benefits of licensure for architectural grads and the importance of advocacy for all members.

Interested in engaging in PALM? Please reach out to your local AIA chapter EPiC (Emerging Professional) representative to inquire about taking part in the next round of PALM.