Business, Technology, and Finance Continuing Education Programming

Brought to AIA Pennsylvania members by Stambaugh Ness 

The Business of Architecture – Managing the Firm, Projects, People, and Processes

Managing Projects in Design Firms: Balancing Creativity and Business

Tax Planning Strategies for Architects: R&D and 179D

Human Resources Fall Cleaning

Stambaugh Ness’ passion for the AE Industry is Second to None.

At Stambaugh Ness, Architecture and Engineering isn’t just another industry, it’s by far the CPA’s largest industry group. Stambaugh Ness currently provides professional accounting, auditing, tax compliance and consulting and information technology services to over 850 AE firms in over 40 states, helping them improve operations, efficiencies, and profitability. Their approach is simple: maximize the potential for sustainable profitability and growth.

With a commitment to AE firms’ long-term success, they have developed a service menu, beyond the traditional CPA services, that supports the most pressing issues facing AE firms.

Working with AE firms for more than 60 years has resulted in a deep understanding of how AE firms operate. Although their clients share similarities, Stambaugh Ness recognizes that each AE firm is unique. That is why they ensure that your goals and needs are first and foremost. They develop industry-specific strategic relationships and remain active with national and regional trade organizations ensuring solutions that are on point with the trends and forecasts impacting your firm.

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