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EPiC Firm Recognition

Today - July 12, 2024

Virtual Event

The EPiC Firm Recognition, facilitated by the Emerging Professionals Committee (EPiC), recognizes firms for their commitment to the professional development of emerging professionals and young architects with an assessment of firm culture and support in four critical areas: (1) licensure, (2) leadership and professional development, (3) career advancement opportunity, and (4) commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

To be considered for recognition, an emerging professional* or young architect* must nominate their firm with the completion of the assessment by July 12, 2024. A firm principal* or leader* identified by the emerging professional or young architect will then be notified via e-mail to complete the assessment to finalize their firm’s nomination by August 9, 2024.

Nomination Assessment Closes July 12Assessment Preview

The nomination assessment is available during the period listed above. To prepare for its completion, reference the assessment preview. The preview’s components are subject to change in the nomination assessment.

*The nominator, an emerging professional or young architect, and the identified firm principal or leader must be current AIA Pennsylvania members. AIA defines emerging professionals as those who have completed their academic studies up to the point of licensure or up to 10 years after completion of their academic studies (Associate Members – unlicensed).  AIA defines young architects as those whose date of initial licensure is less than 10 years ago (Architect Members – licensed).