We are the voice for Pennsylvania’s architects.

Architecture can address some of our state's most significant economic, environmental, and social challenges. From crumbling school infrastructure to equitable communities and affordable housing to greater sustainability and resilience to mental and physical well-being, the leadership of architects is critical to designing a better tomorrow for Pennsylvania.

AIA Pennsylvania is the only organization representing Pennsylvania's architects to our state government. We look out for the architect and their interests.

Our state government regulates and legislates many issues impacting the practice of architecture and building occupants' health, safety, and welfare. These include building codes, professional licensure, public procurement, business conditions, and more.


How We Prioritize

In line with Pennsylvania’s two-year legislative session cycle, the development of our biennial Legislative Survey’s slate of issues is spearheaded by our Government Affairs Committee and network of Task Forces. Approaching every new legislative session, we look to our statewide membership to rank and share their first-hand accounts of these issues to inform our policy positions and agenda for the upcoming session.

Our government affairs professionals, two in-house lobbyists, are dedicated solely to the architects’ issues and guide members volunteering on the Government Affairs Committee and Task Forces, legal partners, and contract lobbyists to monitor and review proposed legislation and regulations pertaining to our issues.

Taking into account the members’ feedback from the Legislative Survey, this advocacy team, overseen by the AIA Pennsylvania Board of Directors, develops positions and opportunities to advance our policy priorities informed by the happenings of the state legislature, administration, and industry groups.

Our Priorities

Updates & Opportunities

Get the latest on the issues we are monitoring and pursuing on behalf of the Commonwealth’s architects as well as opportunities for members to advocate and lead.

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