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Gary Matczak

Board of Directors
AIA Northwestern PA


Gary Matczak Architects

Gary has extensive hands-on experience in new construction design projects, building renovation projects and surveying existing building conditions. He has developed drawings and details to deal with new construction projects, as well as many renovations and additions and has investigated hundreds of buildings documenting existing conditions.

Gary started his professional career in 1979 with the firm of Heidt Evans Salata Architects in Partnership, spending more than 18 years with the firm and its succeeding firm, Evans Salata Architects. In 1997, Evans Salata Architects was purchased by the Oil City based firm of Strickland Best Architects, eventually forming into Evans Strickland Best Architects. It was during this latest transformation that Gary decided to strike out on his own and began his career in private practice.

Since then, Gary is proud to pronounce his respect for the principals of his prior employment, for it is assimilation of their knowledge and experiences together that he develops designs and solutions to projects and problems with confidence.

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