Architectural Excellence Awards

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This new award is presented for contribution to the built environment to honor those professionals who bring architects’ work into reality and uphold the tenets of design, sustainability and collaboration.


  • Mascaro Construction (2015)
  • Langan Engineering & Environmental Services (2014)

This new award recognizes exceptional contributions to the profession by an AIA Pennsylvania Associate member who graduated in the last five years and who has demonstrated professional and civic leadership.


  • Troy Hannigan, Associate AIA Community Ventures (2015)
  • Jared McKnight, Associate AIA Wallace Roberts & Todd (2015)
  • Erike De Veyra, Associate AIA (2014)

Project Eligibility


Awards can be given for a project in any geographic location if the project’s Architect of Record is a member of AIA Pennsylvania and the project was completed within the last five years.

Award Types

Silver Medals may be granted, at the jury’s discretion to the project that distinguishes itself from the rest of the submissions and may be given in any category.

Honor Awards may be given at the jury’s discretion for projects that exemplify the highest design quality in any category.

Citation of Merit Awards may be given to reward a project that either lies outside of the other categories or bears an exceptional aspect or detail that the jury feels represents excellence which deserves specific honor.

Award Categories

Architecture: built projects including new buildings of all types including additions and alterations to existing buildings.

Interior Architecture: large or small in scope and may involve new construction, renovation, or preservation/restoration.

Historic Preservation: projects including historic restoration, historic rehabilitation and adaptive reuse.

Regional and Urban Design: urban design projects, planning programs, civic improvements, campus plans, regional plans, environmental programs, or redevelopment projects.

Special Initiatives: planning, research, conceptual, unbuilt projects, policy development and implementation and community initiatives. The project must have been completed within the last five years.

Associate: recognizes the contributions and creativity of AIA Pennsylvania Associate Members. Work submitted may include projects that the member has had significant participation in at the firm where the associate is affiliated or an individual effort at the conceptual level that is recognized for its inventiveness and/or originality. The project must have been completed within the last five years.

The Medal of Distinction is the highest award bestowed by AIA Pennsylvania upon a living AIA Pennsylvania member. The recipient shall have made contributions to architecture that transcend local boundaries and have been of benefit to the profession and citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Nominations may be made by the Board of Directors of a Chapter or by a group of ten (10) AIA Pennsylvania members. This is an excellent opportunity for us to recognize an excellent member. We encourage you to nominate worthy candidates. Only one award will be presented, and the selection will be made by AIA Pennsylvania’s board of directors.


  • Vivian Loftness, FAIA (2015)
  • William J. Bates, AIA (2014)
  • Charles E. Dagit, Jr. FAIA (2012)
  • Raymond L. Gindroz, FAIA (2011)
  • John D. Milner, FAIA (2010)
  • Mary Werner DeNadai, FAIA (2010)
  • Peter Q. Bohlin, FAIA (2008)
  • Vincent G. Kling, FAIA (1994)
  • Robert Dale Lynch, AIA (1991)
  • Robert Venturi, FAIA (1990)
  • G. Holmes Perkins, FAIA (1989)
  • David N. Lewis, FAIA (1988)
  • Ehrman B. Mitchell, FAIA (1987)

The Architectural Firm Award is awarded to any firm or successor firms, whether an individual or an organization of architects, in which the continuing collaboration among individuals of the firm has been the principal force in consistently producing distinguished architecture for a period of at least 10 years. While serving on the AIA Pennsylvania Board of Directors, Board members and their firms are ineligible to be nominated for this award. Nominations may be made by the Board of Directors of a Pennsylvania local Chapter or by a group of ten (10) AIA Pennsylvania members.


  • Kieran Timberlake (2015)
  • BCJ Architects (2014)
  • Spillman Farmer Architects (2013)

The Emerging Professional Award seeks to recognize the exceptional achievements and future promise of a licensed architect and promote their continuing development.  The applicant’s contribution to the profession can be through one or more of the following: design excellence, leadership in practice, leadership in education, and service to the profession or society.  The award is open to registered architect members of AIA Pennsylvania in their first ten years of licensure as of the date of the application.  (Please note that this can be a self nomination.)


  • Soha St. Juste, AIA Jacobs (2015)
  • Jo Hohenwarter, AIA, Joshua Otto, AIA and Sean Sheffler, AIA (2014)
  • Denise E. Thompson, AIA (2013)

AIA Pennsylvania is seeking nominations for the Award for Contribution to the Profession by a Non-Architect. The award goes to an individual, corporation, association, or other group; and will be presented at the Statewide Conference.

Recipients will be cited for their direct contributions to the profession such as a building program, public works project, book, theoretical or applied research in zoning, urban design, interiors, planning, energy conservation, preservation, restoration, transportation, industrial design, artistic endeavors, or other significant disciplines that have a strong influence on Architecture. Projects must be non-built contributions that benefit the built world or profession of Architecture.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to recognize excellent work that has helped us to be better architects. We encourage you to nominate worthy candidates. Only one award will be presented, and the selection will be made by AIA Pennsylvania’s board of directors.


  • Gary Saulson, Corporate Real Estate PNC Bank Corp. (2015)
  • Anthony Potter, Esq. (2014)
  • David Leatherbarrow (2011)
  • John Andrew Gallery, The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia (2010)
  • Roger W. Moss, The Anthenaeum of Philadelphia (2007)
  • Dr. Graham Spanier, The Pennsylvania State University (2006)
  • Gunther O. Carrle, Esq., Powell Trachtman Logan Carrle & Lombardo (2006)
  • The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (2006)
  • Chris Satullo, The Philadelphia Inquirer (2005)
  • Paul R. Levy, Executive Director of the Center City District in Philadelphia (1996)
  • Thomas Hagen, Erie (1993)
  • Thomas Hine, Philadelphia Inquirer (1992)
  • The Anthennaeum of Philadelphia (1990)
  • Hobart G. Cawood (1989)
  • George E. Thomas (1988)
  • Pittsburgh Architects Workshop (1986)
  • Architecture Career Explorer Post #920 from Pittsburgh (1985)

The Government Award is given in recognition of significant contributions to, or particular support of, the profession and business of Architecture and/or the built environment. Anyone working in state or local government such as legislators, department secretaries, township officials, etc. are eligible for the award as an individual or specified group. The award will be presented at Architects Day in Harrisburg.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to recognize excellent work that has helped us to be better architects. We encourage you to nominate worthy candidates. Only one award will be presented, and the selection will be made by AIA Pennsylvania’s board of directors.

Past Recipients

  • Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Philadelphia (2015)
  • Alan Greenberger, FAIA (2014)
  • Senator Jay Costa (2013)
  • Representative Mike Turzai (2012)
  • Senator John Rafferty (2011)
  • Representative Matthew Smith (2011)
  • Representative Robert L. Freeman (2010)
  • Mayor Stephen Reed, Harrisburg (2007)
  • Secretary Jim Creedon (2006)
  • Bonnie Mark (2006)

The President’s Award is presented at the discretion of the President of the Board of Directors, in recognition of special contributions and/or particular support of the profession, the business of architecture or the built environment, in Pennsylvania. The award is open to anyone, including members, non-members, architects and others.

Upload the completed nomination form and documentation to our dropbox.

Past Recipients

  • City of Philadelphia Zoning Code Commission (2012)
  • Witold M. Rybczynski, Hon. FAIA (2011)
  • Maureen A. Guttman, AIA (2010)

The Student Award recognizes the exceptional scholastic achievement and future promise of a student graduating at the end of the current academic year. The student should have proven to be proficient in both academics and design, and ready to take on the challenges and responsibilities of the work environment in an architecture firm. Student Awards:


  • Gloriana Gonzalez, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Patrick Barendt, Drexel University
  • Elizabeth Mae Andrzejewski, Marywood University
  • Bong Hei Wong, Philadelphia University
  • Katelyn Troutman, Penn State University
  • Alex E. Aftuck, Temple University
  • Caleb White, University of Pennsylvania


  • Arjumand Anjum, Temple University
  • Amanda Bonelli, Philadelphia University
  • Cory Clippinger, Penn State University
  • Gray Garmon, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jason Kim, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Julie Morningstar, Drexel University

The American Institute of Architects bestows the recognition of Fellowship for achievement in architecture on members who have contributed notably to the advancement of the profession of architecture. With the exception of the Gold Medal, Fellowship is the highest national honor the AIA can bestow on a member.

It is conferred on members with at least 10 years of continuous membership who have made significant contributions to the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession; to the standards of architectural education, training, and practice; to the building industry through leadership of the AIA and other related professional organizations; to the advancement of the living standards of people through their improved environment and to society through significant public service.

The College of Fellows includes approximately five percent of the total AIA membership. Those advanced to fellowship may use “FAIA” after their names in recognition of their contributions in design, education, research or public service.

Current members of AIA Pennsylvania who have been recognized with the honor of Fellow are:

  • Joanne Aitken, FAIA
  • J. Philip Andrews, FAIA
  • Peter F. Arfaa, FAIA
  • Louis D. Astorino, FAIA
  • Tony Atkin, FAIA
  • Jonathan Barnett, FAIA
  • Richard W. Bartholomew, FAIA
  • Peter Q. Bohlin, FAIA
  • John A. Bower, Jr. FAIA
  • William W. Braham, III FAIA
  • Robert F. Brown, FAIA
  • Donald K. Carter, FAIA
  • George L. Claflen, FAIA
  • Gerald M. Cope, FAIA
  • Samuel Crothers III, FAIA
  • Warren W. Cunningham, FAIA
  • Charles E. Dagit, Jr., FAIA
  • Sylvester Damianos, FAIA
  • Louis DeMoll, FAIA
  • Mary Werner DeNadai, FAIA
  • Frank E. Dittenhafer, II, FAIA
  • Richard Farley, FAIA
  • Antonio Javier Fiol-Silva, FAIA
  • Bradford White Fiske, FAIA
  • Jeffrey S. French, FAIA
  • Stephen A. George, FAIA
  • Raymond L. Gindroz, FAIA
  • Frank Grauman, FAIA
  • Alan Greenberger, FAIA
  • Raymond Grenald, FAIA
  • William R. Gustafson, FAIA
  • John F. Hayes, FAIA
  • John F. Hayes, FAIA
  • J. David Hoglund, FAIA
  • John K. Holton, FAIA
  • Richard W. Huffman, FAIA
  • Jon C. Jackson, FAIA
  • Edward Jakmauh, FAIA
  • Joe J. Jordan, FAIA
  • Harry Kale, FAIA
  • Daniel Kelley, FAIA
  • Emanuel Kelly, FAIA
  • Stephen J. Kieran, FAIA
  • James N. Kise, FAIA
  • Vincent G. Kling, FAIA
  • James O. Kruhly, FAIA
  • John Q. Lawson, FAIA
  • Alan G. Levy, FAIA
  • Herbert W. Levy, FAIA
  • David Lewis, FAIA
  • Vivian E. Loftness, FAIA
  • Henry J. Magaziner, FAIA
  • Richard L. Maimon, FAIA
  • Susan A. Maxman, FAIA
  • Ferdinando Micale, FAIA
  • John D. Milner, FAIA
  • Hyman Myers, FAIA
  • James R. Nelson, FAIA
  • Peter A. Piven, FAIA
  • Michael L. Prifti, FAIA
  • Stephen L. Quick, FAIA
  • John K. Rauch Jr, FAIA
  • Otto R. Reichert-Facilides, FAIA
  • P. Richard Rittelmann, FAIA
  • Harry R. Rutledge, RIBA, FAIA
  • Louis Sauer, FAIA
  • Peter M. Saylor, FAIA
  • Edward A. Shriver, FAIA
  • Robert A. Spillman, FAIA
  • Terry D. Steelman, FAIA
  • Harris M. Steinberg, FAIA
  • Marvin D. Suer, FAIA
  • James H. Timberlake, FAIA
  • Nancy Rogo Trainer, FAIA
  • Robert Venturi, FAIA
  • Roy Vollmer, FAIA
  • Wesley Wei, FAIA
  • Gordon L. Wildermuth, FAIA
  • George T. Williams, FAIA
  • Mark F. Williams, FAIA