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Documenting Existing Conditions for Small Firms

April 16, 2024 | 12 - 1 pm

Virtual Event
GeoSLAM scan courtesy of Ian Smith Design Group

Small Firm Forum

Are you tired of balancing your tape measure, mechanical pencil, and digital measuring tool on your grid paper pad while you’re trying to take photos with your smartphone to document existing buildings? There has to be a better way, right?

How do we make sense of all the technology available to us now, and what is the best—or at least a better—way to get accurate existing conditions documentation that you can easily use for all phases of your project? What’s a point cloud? What does it do in Revit, AutoCAD LT, Archicad, or SketchUp? What’s LiDAR? Is it expensive, cost-effective, easy/hard to use, or does it fit my budget?

Join the AIA Pennsylvania Small Firm Exchange (SFxPA) for April’s Small Firm Forum to share and discover how small firms are embracing new technologies to streamline the existing conditions documentation process.

You’re Invited

Small firm leaders that have experience and insights on the topic as well as established and aspiring firm leaders that are looking for answers or other perspectives are encouraged to join.

SFxPA also welcomes the input and participation of any former small firm leaders that have started small and grown their practices beyond the AIA-defined standard small firm size (staff of 1-9) and have practice insights to share.

Topic Ideas or Insights?

SFxPA is putting together our topic outline for 2024’s forums and “How I Architected This” presentations.

Challenges, opportunities, or insights you want to discuss in a forum setting with your small firm peers? Share them with the Steering Committee >

Review the call for presentations for the insights sought by the Steering Committee for the “How I Architected This” presentations. Share how you architected that >